“Showcasing our quad-lip-wing VTOL aircraft”

Introducing 'Griffin', our latest VTOL concept aircraft.

Showcasing VTOL innovation with our video of Griffin, our innovative VTOL concept aircraft. See its scale model demonstrate impressive hovering capabilities and the initial stages of transition testing. Griffin's quad-lip-wing design ensures enhanced lift and precise control during hovering, while its incipient transition from vertical to horizontal flight showcases its advanced engineering. With its adaptable quad rotors, Griffin should maintain stability and maneuverability throughout the transition process. This video offers a glimpse into the future of personal air travel, where innovative technology meets practical functionality. Join us on YouTube for a journey toward the future of VTOL technology.

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Griffin Concept: Pioneering the Future of Personal Air Travel


Griffin is a four-person VTOL aircraft concept that harnesses the cutting-edge Lip Wing Technology to redefine the boundaries of vertical flight. At its core, Griffin features a unique configuration comprising two distinct lip wing pairs, positioned for optimal performance. A canard lip wing pair positioned at the front of the aircraft provides additional lift and stability, while the main lip wing pair, integrated as part of the primary wing structure, offers enhanced aerodynamic efficiency.

The aircraft's quad rotors are designed to be tiltable, affording exceptional maneuverability and adaptability. In the event of a rotor or drive failure, Griffin seamlessly transitions to a tri-rotor configuration, ensuring continued safety and stability during flight.

Griffin represents the epitome of versatility, combining advanced aerodynamics with robust engineering to deliver an unparalleled VTOL experience. With its sleek design and state-of-the-art technology, Griffin is poised to set new standards in personal air transportation, offering unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and safety for discerning travelers around the globe.

Griffin Design: Exploring the Engineering Marvels of VTOL Innovation


Maximizing Lift Efficiency: The Revolutionary Wing for V/STOL Aircraft

Griffin stands at the forefront of VTOL innovation, boasting a quad-lip-wing configuration that not only enhances stability and efficiency but also offers unique benefits derived from its design. By harnessing the lift augmentation provided by the lip wings, Griffin minimizes rotor load during hover and slow speed, reducing power requirements for this very power hungry phase. Additionally, the lip wings optimize aerodynamic performance during cruise, leading to improved fuel efficiency, extended range and flight duration. This ingenious design allows Griffin to navigate urban landscapes with ease while delivering a smooth and comfortable ride for passengers. With its blend of advanced technology and aerodynamic ingenuity, Griffin redefines the possibilities of personal air travel, setting new standards for efficiency, performance, and comfort.

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