“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Experiments and concept compilation

This is a video of prototypes and concept aircraft that were built and modeled up to 2019

The VTOL conundrum

The VTOL conundrum
Why VTOL aircraft are not so successful today

A fixed wing aircraft (airplane) has a high transport efficiency determined by the Lift/Drag parameter. On a typical fixed wing aircraft the L/D is between 10-15, meaning that the aircraft needs to generate 10-15 times less trust than the total weight of the aircraft. For a VTOL aircraft, the trust needs to balance, at least equal to the full weight of the aircraft, in other words, needs to be 10-15 times bigger than on a fixed wing aircraft. This poses real challenge to aircraft designers wishing to design efficient VTOL aircraft and this is the real reason the VTOL aircraft is not so common today.

Lip Wing

The Lip Wing Technology
A wing that increases lift for VSTOL aircraft

A special wing providing lift at slow or even zero aircraft speed, making possible development of efficient V/STOL aircraft. The Lip Wing have a special shape, designed to take advantage of the rotor intake air flow convergence, increasing the total generated lift/thrust, making the aircraft hover efficient. As the aircraft transitions and the speed increases, the Lip Wing angle of attack is adjusted, reducing drag and ensuring efficient high speed operation.

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