Video : Experiments, Prototypes & Concepts (2019 Compilation)

Showcasing VTOL innovation with our video compilation, 'Experiments and Concept Compilation, 2019.' Explore a variety of VTOL aircraft prototypes and concepts developed up to 2019, showcasing the ingenuity and diversity of approaches in vertical flight. From experimental models to visionary designs, this compilation offers a captivating glimpse into the evolution of our aerospace engineering. Join us on YouTube for a journey toward the future of VTOL technology.

UAV-1 unmanned concept aircraft

UAV-1 VTOL aircraft
The Aliptera UAV-1 concept aircraft

Introducing the groundbreaking Aliptera UAV-1 concept aircraft, a revolutionary blend of fixed-wing performance and VTOL capability. Designed to bridge the gap between traditional fixed-wing UAVs and multi-rotor platforms, the UAV-1 offers unparalleled versatility, range, and payload capacity while retaining the ability to execute vertical take-offs and landings.

At the heart of the UAV-1's exceptional performance lies its innovative lip wing system, which enhances lift generation during hover, significantly reducing power requirements and outperforming conventional multi-rotor designs. This means extended mission durations, increased payload capacity, and enhanced operational efficiency, positioning the UAV-1 as a game-changer in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Moreover, the unique arrangement of the lip wings not only facilitates hovering but also provides precise control and maneuverability without the need for conventional control surfaces. This aerodynamically optimized design not only streamlines the aircraft's profile but also simplifies the control system, enhancing reliability and ease of operation in diverse mission scenarios.

With the ability to seamlessly transition from vertical to forward flight, the UAV-1 offers unmatched flexibility and adaptability for a wide range of applications, from surveillance and reconnaissance to search and rescue missions. Whether navigating tight urban environments or covering vast expanses of terrain, the UAV-1 excels where traditional UAVs and multi-rotor platforms fall short, delivering superior performance and mission effectiveness.

ADR-1 VTOL concept aircraft

ADR-1 Dragon Rider
A riding personal VTOL aircraft

The ADR-1 Dragon Rider represents a pioneering concept in personal VTOL aircraft, leveraging Lip Wing Technology to simplify design and enable direct takeoff from everyday locations like driveways. This innovative approach opens up new possibilities for personal air transportation, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility.

During VTOL mode, the aircraft is seamlessly controlled by a sophisticated computerized flight system, representing a significant advancement over the cumbersome 'kinesthetic control' utilized by earlier models such as the Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee. This state-of-the-art automation ensures smooth and precise operation, enhancing safety and ease of use for the pilot.

Transitioning to wing-borne flight mode, the pilot assumes a prone position akin to riding a high-speed motorcycle, optimizing aerodynamics and minimizing drag for efficient forward flight. Drawing inspiration from studies on prone position aircraft (proned-pilots), this configuration promises enhanced stability and control, elevating the flying experience to new heights.

In its prototype stage, the ADR-1 will feature landing gear or skids for ground operations, with the pilot securely fastened to the fuselage via a harness and equipped with a parachute for added safety. Measures such as mesh or retaining features will prevent inadvertent contact with the spinning propeller, ensuring the pilot's well-being during flight.

Additionally, the aircraft may be equipped with a ballistic parachute system for emergency recovery in the event of motor failure, providing an added layer of reassurance for the pilot. Alternatively, a hybrid system could be employed, storing sufficient energy for emergency safe short takeoff and landing (STOL) operations.

With the ADR-1 Dragon Rider, the boundaries of personal air transportation are redefined, offering a thrilling yet practical means of aerial mobility for individuals seeking the ultimate freedom of flight.

APV-1 personal concept aircraft

APV-1 VTOL aircraft
A Lip Wing personal VTOL aircraft.

The APV-1 VTOL aircraft represents an exciting leap forward in personal vertical flight, leveraging cutting-edge Lip Wing Technology to deliver unparalleled performance and versatility. Designed as a sleek and agile two-person aircraft, the APV-1 integrates a canard wing configuration with a main rotor and Lip Wing positioned aft of the fuselage, forming part of the main wing structure. This innovative layout ensures optimal aerodynamic efficiency and stability throughout a wide range of flight operations.

Key specifications for the APV-1 include:

• Main rotor diameter: 2.4 meters (95 inches); Auxiliary rotor diameter: 1.6 meters (63 inches)

• Engine power: 180 horsepower, generating 1720 pounds of thrust

• Weight: 1400 pounds

Preliminary Performance:

- Vertical climb rate: 2100 feet per minute

- Speeds: Stall-63 knots; Cruise-170 knots; Maximum-210 knots

- Range: 480 nautical miles

The front ducted propeller, complemented by a series of slatted airfoils, serves as the primary means of balancing the aircraft during VTOL operations. This innovative configuration not only ensures smooth transitions between vertical and horizontal flight but also enhances maneuverability and control, even in challenging conditions.

With its impressive speed, range, and agility, the APV-1 opens up a world of possibilities for personal air transportation, whether for recreational flying, urban commuting, or specialized missions. Its compact size and efficient design make it well-suited for navigating tight spaces and landing in urban environments, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility to its occupants.

Overall, the APV-1 VTOL aircraft represents a paradigm shift in personal aviation, embodying the perfect synergy of advanced technology, elegant design, and uncompromising performance. As a flagship example of Lip Wing Technology, it sets new standards for efficiency, versatility, and safety in the realm of vertical flight, ushering in a thrilling new era of personal air travel.

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