Dusan Stan

President & CEO

"Passion for personal VTOL aircraft"

An aerospace engineering enthusiast with over nine years of specialized experience in VTOL configurations. Spearheaded research leading to patent grants/pending, in the field of innovative wing systems augmenting rotor hover lift for VTOL aircraft. Founding member of the eVTOL Flight Test Council and actively engaged in organizations like IEEE, EAA, Vertical Flight Society and Canadian Air Mobility. Partner at NASA Aeronautics Research Institute, Transformative Vertical Flight, and Advanced Air Mobility Working Groups, deeply committed to advancing transformative vertical flight technologies. Founder and CEO of Aliptera Inc., pioneered electric propulsion solutions, revolutionizing VTOL efficiency and enabling the development of new configurations for personal aircraft. A fervent passion for personal VTOL flight, dedicated to shaping the future of human transportation.

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